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eBay - Auction site
Rinkya - Japan auction service
Yahoo! Japan Auctions - Auction site (Japanese)


CPC Devilmarkus - CPC-Live Java Emulator for the CPC (German)
Emu-France - Emulation news (French)
Handheld Remakes - Handheld simulators archive
MADrigal - Handheld simulators
MAME - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator


Andy - Andy Cole's Games Home
Electronic Plastic - "Handheld and Tabletop Games from the 70's and 80's"
GW Central - "Over 5 Years of LCD Action !"
G&W NOW!Game & Watch collection
Game & Watch Mania - MADrigal's Game & Watch website (Italian)
Game & Web - "80's Handheld Electronic Games Collection on Web"
Game in Hand Classic's - "Retro Games at their Best !"
GAWCOL - David's Game & Watch collection
Handheld Games Museum - "Electronic Handheld Game Museum"
Handheld Free - Handheld collection
Handheld-Hustlers - Handheld collection
In the Attic - Game & Watch encyclopedia
Kristin - "Kristin's Favourite Things"
La Casa del Vintage G&W - Diego's Game & Watch website - new!
MikeDotBeGame & Watch collection and blog 
Mike - Mike's Game & Watch collection and forum
Mini-arcade - "An Online Museum of Vintage Handheld Games"

Nintendo Thumbs - "Your Complete Game & Watch Resource"
Pulse8 - Pulse8's Game & Watch collection
QJ - QJ's Game & Watch On-line collection
RetroLCD - Joseph's handheld collection
Tanatron - Alex's handheld collection
tricOtronic - "Find Nintendo Classics at"


Animeland - Manga magazine (French)
Mangaverse - Manga news (French)

Toys & Goodies

Merlin Online - Merlin stickers
Panini Online - Panini stickers (France)
PEZ - "Wecome to the world of PEZ"

Video Games

Abandonware-Magazines - Resource for old video game magazines (French)
Phenixinformatique - "Amstrad CPC Forever" (French)
Doomsday HQ - "Home of the Doomsday Engine"
HotRod - "The Ultimate Joystick Control Panel"
Jakks TV Games - "Just Plug it in and Play !"
The Magic Box - "International Videogame News"
Radica TV Games - "Get off the couch and into the game"
Retro Gamer - "Breathing New Life Into Classic Games" 
The Video Game Museum - "The Largest Source for Video Games"
X-Arcade - "Indestructible Arcade Game Gear for the Home"