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Bandai Solar

Daidassou (game, box and instructions)
Frankenstein (game only)
Invaders of the Mummy's Tomb (game only)
Nazo No Chinbotsusen (game only)

Bandai LCD

Cross Highway (game only)
Daijishin (game only)
Daijishin (game only)
Dr. Dental (game only)
Dr. Dental (game, box and instructions)

Las Vegas (game only)
Tsuppari Karasu (game only)

Other handhelds

Bandai Zaxxon (game, box and instructions)
Innovator Electronics Flying Flapjack (game only)
Q&Q King Kong (game only)
POP Game Barrier (
game, box and instructions)

Manga (Japanese)

DNAČ - 3 volumes
Doraemon - 10 volumes
Dragon Ball - 5 volumes
Shadow Lady - 1 volume
Video Girl - 5 volumes


NZG - Porsche 959 (red)